Movie 1. Submission Grappling. Tournament (28.06.2010). Part 1

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Movie 1. Submission Grappling. Tournament (28.06.2010). Part 1

Post by Admin on 17th January 2011, 11:40

Tournament has been organized on round system to two victories in each pair.
Tournament favorites were Tais (5'7" / 127 lb) and Maria Rylyova (5'7" / 126 lb).
Tais is the numerous winner of similar competitions. Skills of Maria are growing more and more, and it was expected that she could be a serious opponent again Tais.
The third participant - Nadezhda Ahmerova (5'6" / 127 lb) - she specializes in kickboxing and MMA. It was her first submission grappling tournament.

Girls have shown interesting, uncompromising wrestling. You can look at the first circle of tournament (three fights) in this film.


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